Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics

Review of 2013-2014 Accomplishments and Activities

Thanks to your philanthropic partnership with the University of Chicago, the past year has yielded impressive results across campus and beyond.

The following sections provide an updated snapshot of the far-reaching impact of your generosity on the University community.

  • Seminars at the Stevanovich Center: Seminars led by University of Chicago researchers as well as visitors from academia and the marketplace work, meet, discuss, share and debate ideas that advance our understanding of the mathematical basis of financial markets.
  • Stevanovich Student Fellowships: The Stevanovich Student Fellowship is awarded to University of Chicago PhD students in economics, mathematics, or statistics who work on novel techniques in financial econometrics/statistics and/or financial mathematics, or econometrics/statistics research that could lead to applications in finance and economics.
  • Stevanovich Center Conferences: At its core, the Stevanovich Center advances the understanding of the increasingly complex world of financial markets by integrating mathematics, statistics, and economics. Both faculty and students are spread around the departments of the university and the Stevanovich Center is a meeting place for interaction.
  • Karl Weintraub Professorship in History and the College: Constantin Fasolt continues to serve with distinction as the Karl J. Weintraub Professor of History and the College.

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